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Patient Participation Group

Patient Reference Groups are developed as a way to extend patient involvement in the general practice.

A format that encourages people to engage with the NHS at the same time as engaging in their own health care. PRG Members can provide practical support for the practice.

Our last minutes of our meeting which was held in June 2019

Present at meeting:

Dr K Cheema (GP)
Safina Bi (Practice Manager)
RA- 7843

Meeting started by KC she welcomed the patient who could attend.

General access

KC began by reviewing the actions agreed from the previous PPG and giving feed back on the waiting times and the telephone system. KC mentioned we will be increasing our appointment slots as we will be ending our half day closing and will also start to offer extended access from July. The patient responded positively to this.

KC mentioned the new app launch, The purpose of this is to further improve access, though our patients are already using myHealthcare App to book appointments online and order prescriptions. The Surgery has expressed an interest in piloting video consultations also, and we will update the patients if we are selected for this pilot. SB asked ppg group if they could encourage other patients to update mobile numbers as the app is accessible with mobile numbers.

BA is not happy about the waiting times for some clinics. RA also not happy with waiting time would be happy if this could be reduced SB suggested the clinics for one particular doctor does run late we have tried to increase the slots by giving a 13 minutes appointment but still runs late have suggested if patient would like to ring before setting off we can let them know how long the wait is and they can come accordingly. RA said the nurse’s clinic are always running late. SB apologised for this and explained that clinics can sometimes overrun.

KC informed patients that the clinical system Emis will now be using Amazon Web to hold patient data. This does not directly affect patients rather only where the data stored. We have spoken to our DPO and they have advised us that the service is safe . We have updated our privacy policy.

AJ thanked the team and gave positive feedback regarding being facilitated as he did not have an appointment but was able to see the GP at short notice, however he explained if he has more than on problem he is asked to come back but is unable to get the time off work. SB suggested please book a double slot then will not have to rebook another appointment. KC thanked the patient once again for their time and suggestions and next PPG will be in September we will notify all members.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!